What happens once students are admitted into college? How can families ensure students’ continued success? In addition to college admissions advising, Enhance EFS provides college success and retention services taught through effective executive functioning strategies.

In our experience, regardless of learning differences or challenges, students often struggle to get the support they need once they arrive on a college campus. Many students are capable of gaining admission to college but have trouble maintaining good academic standing. Students frequently need assistance accessing support resources on campus, understanding how the law impacts their rights in a post-secondary environment, and organizing their time.

Enhance EFS provides support with time management, course selection, and follow-through. By assisting students to establish academic goals, get involved on campus, identify and declare a major, assess their progress towards their degree, renewing and securing financial aid, and obtaining professional experience, student retention in college increases.

Enhance EFS college success and retention services may include:

  • An executive functioning assessment
  • Assistance with registration and application to student support services
  • Guidance on how to access student support services after acceptance
  • Direction with navigation of academic and non-academic resources on campus
  • A study skills assessment
  • Guidance to create an effective study environment
  • Strategies to utilize a planner effectively
  • Assistance in devising a personalized schedule
  • Assistance with chunking assignments into smaller subsets and creating sub deadlines
  • Guidance to effectively advocate with professors and other school personnel
  • Assistance in setting academic and career goals
  • A variety of study and note taking techniques