What is the mission of Enhance EFS?

Enhance EFS is committed to assisting clients reach their full potential. Our model is based on the belief that existing skills can be enhanced and new strategies can be developed. Enhance EFS provides a collaborative framework to learn and build new skills.

What services does Enhance EFS offer?

Enhance EFS offers individual executive function coaching, educational therapy, college counseling services, and college success and retention services. Enhance EFS additionally offers special education advocacy and home organization services. In other words, we’ve got you covered!

How does Enhance EFS provide their services?

  • Executive functioning, college success and educational therapy services are provided individually in 50 minute sessions.
  • College counseling services follows a defined, but flexible as-needed, schedule which is developed collaboratively between the client and Enhance EFS specialist.
  • Clients utilizing executive functioning coaching, educational therapy, college counseling and college success and retention services are seen virtually. In-person sessions can be arranged on an individual basis.  
  • Special education advocacy services are provided virtually or on-site (at the client’s school), upon request and availability. 
  • Home organization services take place on-site at the client’s home.

Enhance EFS is proud to have the ability to service clients worldwide.

What type of communication do you have with parents, professionals and other members of each client's team?

Enhance EFS has developed a true culture of collaboration between clients, families, staff, and other professionals. We use a client-centered approach to create a balance of autonomy and interdisciplinary collaboration that best serves each client.

Who does Enhance EFS serve?

Clients, third grade through adulthood, with limitless potential, who may struggle with:

  • Procrastination
  • Sustaining focus
  • Task initiation
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Feelings of overwhelm, frustration and confusion
  • Emotional regulation and possible feelings of regret, remorse or shame

Enhance EFS conducts a nuanced analysis of the client’s learning profile to develop a personalized path to achieve their potential.

What does a typical session look like?

Each session is unique to the client, however, Enhance EFS uses a defined brain-based approach to teach independent thinking and problem solving. Please check out our service tabs to learn more about each service we offer.

What is the Enhance EFS intake process?

The process begins with a free 15 minute consultation with Marci Skigen. During the consultation, prospective clients or families share their concerns. With her deep knowledge and expertise, Marci evaluates the needs and directs clients to the service that best fits their profile. Enhance EFS offers a range of services and aims to provide maximum benefit to each client. At times, a referral to another professional may be made based on consultation evaluation.

Do you offer promotions or discounts?

A one-time $75 credit is offered for all referrals that result in weekly Enhance EFS clients.

Referrals can be directed to Marci Skigen at 301-525-1597 or Marci@enhanceefs.com

Are you hiring new Enhance EFS team members?

Throughout the year, there may be positions available for dynamic, collaborative professionals who add value to our clients. If that’s you, please send your resume to admin@enhanceefs.com