This service is designed to guide students as they prepare for College Admissions testing.

Clients can expect the following from SAT/ACT Prep services:

  • Diagnostic assessments to help determine which test would be best suited for your child
  • One-on-one private tutoring
  • Group Course with dates to be announced shortly
  • Guidance with standardized test preparation plan
  • Testing accommodations assistance 

Important Updates

The SAT is shifting completely digital in 2024. It will also become section-adaptive, meaning each subject will be divided into two sections with the test taker’s performance on the first section informing the difficulty of the second. Additional changes include:

  • The test will only be 2 hours instead of 3
  • Calculators will be allowed on the entire Math section
  • Reading passages will be shorter with just one question per passage

Frequently Asked Questions

What are college admissions tests and why are they in use?

College admissions tests, such as the SAT and the ACT, are standardized tests, meaning everyone takes the same test under the same circumstances. This provides colleges a different lens for assessing a student’s educational achievement level than the one presented by their high school transcript, which can vary significantly based on the ways different teachers use different scales and standards when grading.

What tests are offered and how much do they cost?

Students may choose to take either the SAT or the ACT. The SAT is offered by The College Board and costs $60. The ACT is offered by ACT, Inc. and costs $68. Both offer an optional writing test for an additional fee. Some students may be eligible for free testing. To see if you meet the criteria, contact your school counselor. Counselors receive the fee waivers directly and are responsible for administering them to students. 

When should I start preparing for and taking these tests?

The SAT and ACT assess problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability, not just memorizable facts. As such, it can be difficult to cram for these tests. We recommend beginning preparation during the fall of your junior year. Start with a full-length diagnostic test to gauge your initial score followed by regular practice tests along the way to monitor your improvement. By the spring of your junior year, you should be ready to start taking the official exam.

Are accommodations available for students with documented disabilities?

Yes. An Enhance EFS College Consultant will walk each client through their available options.

How many times should I take the test?

Improving your score by retaking the test shows colleges that you’re serious about your studies and willing to put in the time and effort to better yourself. Retaking the test can also be beneficial for “superscoring.” This is when colleges consider your best subscore for each section (Reading, Math, etc.) across multiple test dates. You do want to be careful, however, that taking the test too many times may indicate you are not preparing as well as you should. Our Enhance EFS College Consultants are here to help determine the right balance for you.

Is it true that the tests are easier during certain months?

No. The SAT and ACT go to painstaking lengths to ensure that each test is of the same measured difficulty.

How seriously do colleges take admissions testing into consideration? 

Many colleges no longer require admissions testing, and no colleges base admissions solely on test scores. Essays, extracurricular activities, transcripts, and letters of recommendation are also taken into account. That said, grade inflation within high schools can make it difficult for colleges to sort through applications without some form of standardized assessment. SAT and ACT scores help validate other parts of your application by demonstrating your strengths and readiness for college work.

Which test is right for me?

Many students perform relatively the same on the SAT and ACT in terms of percentile, however, about 20% of students see a significant difference between their scores. Before deciding whether you should take the SAT or the ACT, you need to know if you are in that 20% of students. No college has a preference between the two tests, so whichever you perform best in is the one we recommend you pursue. To help determine which is right for you, EnhanceEFS offers diagnostic testing. Contact Marci Skigen at for more information.

Do the SAT and ACT test the same subjects?

The ACT includes a science section. The SAT does not. If you are applying to a program involving STEM, this is a great way to showcase your abilities. The ACT also offers an optional writing test, which the SAT discontinued in 2021. 

How are the tests formatted?

Each test is broken down into sections. The SAT is composed of Reading, Writing & Language, and Math. The ACT is composed of English, Math, Reading, and Science. All sections of both tests are multiple-choice.

2023 – 2024 SAT Test Dates

2023 – 2024 ACT Test Dates